Friday, December 5, 2003

i've tried to be humane about you, our little non-rent paying border. i've adjusted to you living in the pantry. i've overlooked the fact that you gnawed through a bag of flour. i've rejected flat out the use of lethal traps and even chose not to set non-lethal catch-and-release traps. but now you've gone to far. i came home tonight and found mouse shit on the turntable.

it's on, this is war. you and your little granola-sized mouse brain are in for a world of hurt and i will feel no pity for you. ask no quarter because none will be given motherfucker.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

i'm barely functioning after last nights bosox game. i got home from work at about 11 pm central time and still caught 3 hours worth of the game. i'm running on fumes at this point but espn radio is just barely squeaking it's signal into my office (currently manny ramirez is at bat in the second) so there's hope. if the sox lose i may do something rash. let's all hope for the best.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

song long big guy. strange that they didn't mention the fact that gordo was in the creepiest sitcom episode of all time, that being the episode of Dif'rent Strokes where ickey lecherous mr. carlson tries to get arnold and dudley to strip to their skivvies so he can snap some pervey pics of them. i wish i had that episode on tape.

Monday, September 15, 2003

yeah, so anyway..... how's things?

i stopped by the hideout for their annual block party a couple weeks back. got there just in time to miss the pernice brothers which sucked because i really wanted to see how a pernice brothers set came off outside in the 85 degree sun instead of inside a dank club. i did manage to see tortise who i think now officially hold the title of "band i have no interest in seeing yet see them all the f'ing time". they were good. or bad. to tell you the truth i was paying a lot more attention to the goose island vendors than i was to the band. i was still kind of chaffed that i missed joe pernice. after tortise finished their set 80% of the crowd walked away from the stage, affording me the opportunity (spawning salmon-style) to get up good and close for the dirtbombs set. they played an absolutely scorching set, about 6 songs from the upcoming album and many more from ultraglide in black. ko shih of ko and the knockouts was playing the other bass this time around. jim diamond, who looks like every coked-out italian guy in revere, ma (a little overweight, kinda twitchy, sweat everywhere and hair matted to his head) took lead vocals on "i'm through with white girls". if this short (40 or so minutes) set was any indication of how the full show is going to be i can not wait until november 1 when they hit the double door.

see you around, maybe.

Just to clarify: I'm 31. And you should also check out The Go and The Paybacks.

some downloads for you:
right around the cornerby the detroit cobras black and blue by ko & the knockouts livin for the city from the dirtbombs.

detroit is seriously making up for the last 30 years of not producing anything worth a damn.

this would be funny if it wasn't where i live:
Someone entered a locked laundry room on the 200 block of W. Washington Feb. 4 and stole four pairs of blue jeans, two blue shirts, two “Reunion” ballcaps and two pairs of men’s briefs from a washing machine. The estimated loss is $225.
at least it wasn't my stuff.